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Beautifil - Bulk Restorative

Beautifil - Bulk Restorative

Beautifil - Bulk Restorative, a new member of the Shofu Giomer family, is ideal for posterior restorations with exceptional kickback and shaping properties. low polymerization shrinkage, fully polymerized to 4mm depth, proven Giomer technology and chameleon effect guarantee aesthetic and permanent posterior restorations.


Advantages of Clinical Use

• High filler ratio (87% by weight - 74.5% by volume) reduces polymerization shrinkage and stress effects while increasing compressive strength and flexural strength.

• Light transmittance guarantees full polymerization at a depth of 4mm.

• Offers exceptional vickers stiffness.

• Its excellent translucent character provides ideal aesthetics without being affected by oral colors.

• Releases high levels of fluoride and can be charged.

• Radioopacity rate is high.


• High filler content (73% by weight) includes polymerization shrinkage and stress effects, while compressive strength and flex resistance.

• Fully polymerizes to a depth of 4 mm.

• Low flex modulus (9 Gpa) offers high flex force (119 MPa).

• Natural Opaque tint provides color harmony and permanence with tooth tissues.

• Releases high levels of fluoride and can be charged.

• Ideal flowability allows easy adaptation.

• Polymerizes in 10 seconds.

• High radioopacite ratio (2,5 Al: mm)

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