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Self-etch Fluoride Bonding System

The two-stage adhesive system FL-Bond II, which is perfectly bonded to dentine and tooth enamel, ensures safe edge coverage. FL-Bond II primer does not contain acetone and Hema. In this way, postoperative sensitivity and gingival whitening do not occur. FL-Bond II Bonding Agent contains S-PRG fillers that provide continuous fluoride to dental tissues. This unique filler content gives FL-Bond II wear resistance, risk of edge leakage and permanence.


Clinical Application Advantages

• Convenient and fast use

• Optimum fluidity and adhesion

• Radiopacity for accurate diagnosis

• Fluoride release and charging

• Permanent and high bonding resistance

Scope of application

• Bonding of all types of composites to dental structures

• Before the application of resin cements on tooth structures

• Repair of restorations

Easy to Use

It is applied in 35 seconds with four easy steps. It does not require technical precision in time-consuming processes such as Pickling, Mixing, Rinsing and dentin moisture.